Guaranteed and certified

Quality „Made in Germany“

PEN hightech products are built to be long-lasting, reliable, and maintenance-free. For that, we guarantee certified quality at a constantly high level. Additionally, we always consider the requirements of your specific usage.

Professional testing

To ensure that the features of our products correspond with their design data, we take them through a strict testing process for quality control. For this, values such as long life fatigue strength are tested most accurately in static as well as dynamic tests. Furthermore, we cooperate closely with quality engineers of the German Railway.

The Pommereit GmbH is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 – Certificate 2020

Comprehensive guarantee

Thanks to careful quality management, you benefit from unconditional guarantee for the normal lifetime of PEN products. As reassuring as it is to know that there will be service and replacement in case of untimely damage: But, the quality of our products is constantly so high that this rarely occurs.